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Village Estates

A website design and build, including configurable property listings


Village Estates had no online presence and so came to us because they wanted something created that would develop them an online brand. They had identified some examples of industry leading design that they wanted their site to match and functionality that they required to enable them to have full property search as part of the site. But they didn’t have any particular design direction in mind so required us to start with a blank canvass.


Village Estates had a very limited set of assets for us to start with in constructing an online brand. They had an existing logo which wasn’t overly suitable for a website and a blue colour shade that they used for their business, but other than that it was a case of starting from a blank canvass.

We researched the best practices in the sector for design used this to develop a ‘design-in-build’ mock up for the homepage, using the powerful Elementor platform. At the same time we looked at the workflow that was required for end users to search for a property, identifying the key data they would be interested in and designed a listing page that would allow them to manipulate the data to filter properties. We designed multiple layouts (list, thumbnail and map) to allow users to use their own preferences for finding properties as well. We then designed the backup process in order to make sure it would be a simple process to upload properties to the site.

Having done the specification we developed the new functionality as part of our WordPress plugin, integrating a custom page type with the frontend Elementor platform to allow a seamless experience for site building. We built in customisation features so that the property listings styles could be configured via the CMS as well, making it easy to reuse or upgrade the site at any point in the future, without the need for further development.

Finally we developed new Elementor widgets to allow property searches to be triggered from any page and followed the same ‘design-in-build’ approach to develop content and contact page styles to complete the website.

Services Delivered

  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Online brand development
  • Website Development
  • Property Search Plugin Development and Implementation
  • WordPress Custom Page Type Development
  • Elementor widget development
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