May 21, 2021

UX Planning and Website Redesign and Build for OLM Systems

We worked with OLM Systems, a software company providing solutions to the public sector, undertaking a full UX planning, restructure and redesign of the their website

OLM Systems wanted to redesign their website from the ground up to give it a contemporary look and feel that was distinctive and summed up the personal approach of the business and the people they work with.

We started by undertaking a full user experience (UX) planning session, with the outputs being working responsive wireframe website pages to model how the key website pages would work. These working wireframes were then used as the basis to evolve into fully working initial web page design which then gave the framework for a graphical designer to produce animation style images to include through the site.

A final stage of page construction and layering for desktop, tablet and mobile completed the website look and feel and has produced a really vivid, unique and modern website for OLM.