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Content Management systems that put you at the heart of your content

Idio is founded on the principle of creating websites that put you in control. That is why we have chosen to use the world’s leading open source CMS, WordPress, and the world’s most flexible visual editor, Elementor. The combination of these platforms has revolutionised the way websites can be built and provides you with speed, flexibility and a depth of functionality never seen before.

At Idio we believe that giving our clients as few limitations as possible, whilst being able to charge smaller fees. That is why we are a disruptor. Because we believe in a fair and flexible service with a fair price point.

WordPress and Elementor, along with a number of selected suppliers of extensions to Elementor, gives you affordable access to literally hundreds of completely style-able functional modules and extensions, all of which are editable in an intuitive visual interface. Never has getting a beautiful and completely bespoke website been so affordable or easy!



As the largest open source content management system (CMS) in the world, WordPress provides an incredibly powerful way for us to underpin your website.

One of the reasons we choose to use WordPress, is that it is a very cost-effective way for you to access a wide range of existing and complex functionality without needing large budgets. Add to this the incredibly intuitive visual block builder interface that we add into it and you have one of the most enjoyable editing spaces for your website that you will ever experience.

Being the largest website platform around, you also benefit from the largest community of developers, producing literally thousands of functional plugins that we can use to enhance your website.

And we also develop custom plugins and widgets ourselves, so if WordPress can’t already do what you need then we can quickly build a new feature that will do exactly what you want.



We use the Elementor and Elementor Pro plugins to expand the already powerful WordPress platform. This enables the industry’s leading visual website builder so that you can have total style control over almost every element of your website.

But we’ve taken this a step further and built our own extension to Elementor, which allows us to introduce even more styles, widgets and functionality to your site. It also means that we can quickly and efficiently develop bespoke elements for your site if you need them.

And if that isn’t enough, we also use a select few other extensions to Elementor, providing you with even more content blocks, styling options and functional elements to incorporate into your site.

This means that our design team can build almost anything for you, at an incredibly affordable price, and once it is delivered you will have complete flexibility in how you want to edit it.

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