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Marketing Strategy

plan for where you are going as well as where you are

if you haven't planned your marketing goals or objectives then how can you decide if you have achieved what you set out to do?

Marketing strategies aim to be resilient, subject to change and reactive to the marketplace and your customers needs. A good marketing strategy and planning document can cover any time period, depending on what you want to achieve.

What is a marketing strategy and plan?

A good marketing strategy will cover the following stages:

  • Strategy
    Objective Setting – setting goals and knowing your why
    Defining the messaging – the wording used to attract your audience
    Pinpointing a strategy – this is the blue sky thinking by us before the doing
    Refining the target audience – your prospects, leads and then your customers
    Developing the tactics – this is the doing by us and the decision making by us both, based on the strategy
  • Plan
    Implementing the plan – this section is split into 3 phases. Phase 1, the foundations. Phase 2, the one off campaign and 90 day marketing activity. And phase 3, a 30 day mini marketing plan
    Measuring and evaluation – knowing the results then the ROI
Full marketing strategy and planning starts from £1,020
(inc. VAT)

Our packages include completing a form together, creating the plan, presenting the plan and signing it off.