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don't just tell people what you do, tell them with own your unique tone voice

why use a copy writer?

Because as a business owner its often difficult for you to distinguish between what you offer and what your customers want. And sometimes there can be a great difference between the two. Being so close to your product and services means you may see what you offer in the same way that your customers do.

so what does a copy writer do?
  1. Find out what you do, whom your customers are, what they have said about you in reviews
    and then
  2. Reframe all it into language which speaks to the problems the customer is looking to address, which also reassures them and gives them confidence that you can deliver what you say you can.
how does it work?
  • Write your basic content
  • Complete a template which asks question about your customers’ needs
  • Provide some customer reviews
  • Review the draft copy
  • Identify and make any changes
  • Once confirmed the web page is built
Copywriting to create your consistent and creative tone of voice - from £45ph
(inc. VAT)

Single pages - £50

Doing a single page can in some ways be harder than doing lots of pages, because once you’ve got into the mindset of business you can keep going on multiple pages whereas a single page needs to be right and standalone.

We always include time to understand the business as well as the copywriting so allow two hours for the first page.

Small project (2 - 5 pages) - £50 per hour

It usually takes about an hour per page to write good copy, so we allow for this when doing small projects.

Larger projects (6+ pages) - £45 per hour

When you get into a project you get some economy in scale once you’re in the mindset of the business, therefore larger projects tend to take less time per page, so we assume around 40 mins.

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