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Green Hosting

We’re excited to let you know that all our new website are now officially green hosting, powered 100% by renewable energy. This means all our new customers are now powered exclusively by wind and solar power, a great message for you to share with you. What’s more, we are in the process of migrating all […]

Your website is an investment – so how do we compare?

A new website is an investment for you and your business, not just because you are paying out money for it but because it is a key part of your brand and marketing as well. Choosing the right supplier for your website is therefore a big choice and there will be lots of different things […]

What is Microsoft Sharepoint and OneDrive?

In our previous article, What is Microsoft 365… we started looking at the power of the Microsoft suite of products and subsequently examined the power of Teams as a collaboration tool as well as a video conferencing suite. Another key area of the Microsoft 365 set of products are the Sharepoint and OneDrive tools. What […]

An introduction to Microsoft Teams

Due to Covid-19 and the sudden global adoption of virtual meetings, you will almost certainly have heard of Microsoft Teams. It is one of the major video conferencing platforms available, alongside Zoom, Google meetings and almost countless others. But did you know that Teams isn’t just for video conferencing and calling? In fact it is […]

What is Microsoft 365 and why do we use it for both emails and much more?

Everyone has heard of Microsoft, they’re a household name and pioneer in the IT world. But are you familiar with Microsoft 365? An introduction Microsoft’s website describes in one line that Microsoft 365 is “your productivity cloud across work and life”. So what does that mean? In a nutshell they have created a set of […]

What is marketing and why your website is a critical part of it.

One of our clients recently stated to us that websites are a thing of the past and no one uses them anymore. He couldn’t have been more wrong. With Covid-19 fundamentally changing the way we interact with each other and introducing a new age of virtual working and networking, websites have never been a more […]

Why free websites are a good idea but using an expert is even better

There are many website suppliers out there that offer very cheap, or even free, websites to their customers. Often these are domain suppliers who also throw in cheap emails and other services as well and claim to make the process as easy as possible, with intuitive website builders and designs on hand to help you. […]

Why Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has never been more important

Most people have heard of SEO, but a lot of people do not actually know what it entails or why it is quite important. But Search Engine Optimisation, to use its full name, is probably more important now than it has ever been because of the global pandemic and how that has changed the way […]