Good imagery makes your design

A critical truth about design is that without good imagery it simply won’t look very good. In fact, not only can bad imagery ruin a design but good imagery is often the key to securing the right tone of your website as well. Picking professional quality images that compliment both your content and your brand […]

Your website is yours, and that is the way it should be!

Over our years working in the industry we’ve often been perplexed when people come to us saying they’ve spoken to other suppliers and they’ve been told that they won’t actually own their website once it has been built. Well our advice to you…don’t use them then! Your brand, your copyright When you have a website […]

IFA Website Services – the launch of a brand new tailored service

We are proud to officially launch our dedicated IFA website service, called IFA Website Services. With experience working with IFAs and IFA networks for over fifteen years, and having an IFA on our board of Directors, we are undoubtedly one of the most well placed companies to provide website specifically for Independent Financial Advisers. Which […]

Why web design really is a deciding factor

Apple became the biggest company in the world off the back of one simple premise, that design should be the defining factor in what they produced. Steve Jobs was determined that all Apple products would look good both inside and out. The reason the vast majority of people who buy Apple products choose to buy […]

Why Covid-19 has shown that support based website contracts are what you need

The world as we know it has changed significantly in the last few months. Simple things like going to work are no longer a given and how a business contacts or provides services to its customers has been severely limited. A lot of businesses have found that, without warning, they are very reliant on their […]

Website 101 – Why and when to use a visual builder?

In this day and age, technology has made it incredibly easy for us all to become designers of content. Software packages such as Microsoft Word have been making it easy for us to select and format elements in our documents for years. And these incredibly useful editors, which we call ‘what you see is what […]

Website 101 – Is WordPress an insecure platform?

It is true that WordPress enjoys an unfavourable reputation when it comes to security. Indeed, we have sat in meetings with clients and heard the throwaway comment “well, WordPress is an insecure platform, so we don’t use it.” But is this reputation warranted or even fair? Common Security Issues When we talk about security vulnerabilities, […]

Website 101 – What is SEO and why should I care?

We get a lot of people telling us ‘they need to do SEO’. And we get other people asking us if they should do it. It will not be an uncommon occurrence for a small business to receive an email or a cold call extolling the virtues of an SEO service and how the provider […]

Website 101 – Why Do I Need Ongoing Support?

You might be familiar with the analogy of the man with the hammer, but in case you aren’t here it is again. A technology company is having a problem with one of their particularly critical machines. They try to work out what is wrong with it. They search the internet for suggestions. They try a […]

Website 101 – What Are Cookies?

Most of us like a nice Maryland cookie, possibly to dip in a cup of tea (or possibly even a hot chocolate). But unfortunately that isn’t what we are talking about here. What is a cookie? Put simply, a cookie is a small text file that is downloaded onto your browser when you access a […]