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Bespoke Webapps

websites that provide unique user experiences

if you need something unique for your customers and prospects to use, then a bespoke web application accessed like a normal website is the best option

Sometimes there is a need to build something quite specific to deliver your content or provide functionality to your customers. Often this is because what your company does is different to anyone else and therefore an ‘off the shelf’ solution is not going to exist. Even with our contemporary technology we have limitations on what we can deliver before we need our development team to get involved and write code to achieve what you need. In this case our bespoke webapp tier is right for you.

With our bespoke projects we try, where possible, to use WordPress as our base platform. The reason for this is that it is incredibly flexible, easy to develop with extend and there is a huge library of existing technologies that we can utilise and link together with bespoke code to facilitate what you need.

There are also some occasions when using WordPress is not the right direction and in this case we would look to go down a completely bespoke development approach starting from scratch and building everything from the ground up. This would be when the entire project would be quoted as a bespoke piece of work and then both the build fee and the monthly costs would be considered separately.

From £108 per month (inc. VAT)
with the build fee based on requirements, starting at £1,200 (inc. VAT)

* Prices subject to contract and confirmation of final prices and scope. Additional costs may be incurred for specific plugin licenses.

Functionality specifically for your customers, using the best plugins available

Bespoke webapps, built with WordPress, are specifically designed to meet your requirements. We will always aim to utilise existing plugins where we can, in order to make the development as affordable as possible. Where there isn’t a solution already out there then we will look to either develop a plugin for you or develop the functionality directly onto the website so that you get what you need.