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The Geordie Motivator App

A fun, motivational mobile app for iOS and Android

"No one is quite sure who he is or even where he came from, but the Geordie Motivator's methods cannot be questioned and he is here to help you.

Now his app is here, ready to motivate you and give you or your friends the kick up the bum when you need it most!"


The Geordie Motivator App was a fun idea born out of a random conversation in the office. This soon spiralled out of control into the creation of a fictional character and the idea for a motivational app with a sense of humour.


We created wireframe journeys for the Geordie Motivator, along with a sample set of funny ‘motivational’ sayings. We then used these to conduct a series of target audience and user testing workshops to validate the app as a viable idea.

Following this we created a visual brand for The Geordie Motivator and a full back story, before using these to inspire the creation of full visual designs to represent the user journeys.

We authored a set of over 300 motivational clips in 12 categories and commissioned a native ‘Geordie’ voice artist to record these for us.

Our development team created the app and this was tested across the platforms and by a test user base to check everything worked well and resonated. Final content tweaks were then made to the app before releasing to live. We created two versions of the app, a free trial version and a paid-for full version.

Finally we created promotional videos for YouTube and conducted PR, including an interview on BBC Radio Newcastle, to promote the app.

Services Delivered

  • Target Audience and User Research Workshops
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Content Creation
  • Creation of Sound files
  • App Development (iOS & Android)
  • Multi-Platform Testing
  • Supporting Marketing Materials Design
  • Promotional Video Production
  • PR Work