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Bookmycharge Mobile App

A mobile app, for iOS and Android, for Bookmycharge, an electric vehicle social network startup based in Maidenhead and operating nationally


Bookmycharge came to us because they wanted to create an app that would work with their existing web platform. They needed something that would allow users to undertake all of the functionality that the website allows and would also be a seamless experience alongside that platform. A key requirement was that users could use the website and the app interchangeably without seeing different sets of data, so synchronising in real time was one of the challenges.

An additional part of the challenge was to upgrade the existing platform to allow the full payment workflow to happen online as part of the booking process. Previously the website only facilitated booking requests but the payments were handled separately via PayPal without any integration.


We conducted workshops with Bookmycharge to identify all of the key requirements and discuss preferred design approaches. We then mapped the current functionality of the website to identify all of the existing logic, user workflows and data interactions.

As the existing website had a relatively dated look and feel, we created a new contemporary look and feel for the app and designed a collection of the key screens to review with the client. We iterated these to get to a final design. Once this was agreed we then produced full screen designs for every screen in the app.

Our development team created a suite of APIs to integrate with the existing platform and used these to build the working app screens. We iteratively tested the  functionality throughout the build to make sure the two platforms remained in sync.

Finally we implemented new payment functionality on both platforms, utilising the Stripe payment platform.

Services Delivered

  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • App Development (iOS & Android)
  • API Development
  • Payment Integration
  • Multi-Platform Testing
  • Supporting Marketing Materials Design