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Affordable web services for every business, no matter how big or small

We are your one-stop shop for affordable web services. Whether you want a website, an app, a bespoke online portal or additional services such as SEO or Social Media, we are here to help you.

But why are we different?

Because we don’t charge large up front fees! Instead we sell websites as a contract, making it affordable for you to not only have a unique website but also for you to keep it up to date and secure all the time.

beautiful bespoke websites for all businesses

all for an incredibly affordable monthly price and the only provider to give you 'all you can eat' support once you're live!

Over the years we have worked with many small businesses. What we have learned is that they need affordable ways of getting a beautiful website, but what they need even more is a trusted team available whenever they want, to help them create, update and manage their site so that they don’t have to.

With Idio you don’t have to make any compromises on style, layout and content. But you also don’t have to keep paying for every change you make. We act as your very own outsourced digital team, ready and waiting to help whenever you need it. Everything is included in our affordable monthly fee!

From £54 per month (inc. VAT)
and £540* (inc. VAT) one-off build fee!

* Prices subject to contract and a minimum 18 month term. Builds are limited to the existing content widgets available in the platform. Monthly fee will be chargeable from 3 months after the contract is signed, or when the site goes live if this is sooner.

Secure sites

Choose from hundreds of content blocks

Content support for any changes you need

Fully managed service so you don't need to worry



We are your one-stop shop for all things web related. From design and structure through to content and ongoing support, we believe that all our clients should receive the same love, care and attention no matter how big or small they are.

But what is more, we believe in providing unique, bespoke and affordable web solutions that will suit your business. We don’t do ‘off the shelf’, you won’t get the same looking website as someone else. Every site we build and app we develop is unique.


Our business is agile and lean. We don’t believe in over complicating things and padding out the work. We keep our costs low by keeping our solutions simple and we use the best products in the marketplace to do this. We want to deliver quality products in a timely manner for our customers.

We also believe that once your site or app is live you shouldn’t be left to fend for yourself or be charged for any change. Which is why we provide full support for all our clients. If you want content changes then you can send them through. Similarly, if you want new pages added, or tweaks to the design, it is all included in your monthly contract.


Just like a car, you can’t buy a website and then just expect it to keep working without maintaining it. That is why our monthly fee covers everything required to keep your site online, secure and up to date. And we do it all for you as part of your contract!

It is just like having a mobile phone contract. You pay monthly and we take care of the rest. And if you want to add upgrades you can at any time. You can even redesign your entire website with a 50% discount at the end of your contract if you renew for another 18 months!

We provide everything you will need:

  • Cloud Hosting to keep your site online all the time
  • A dedicated WordPress install and CPanel setup, with login for whenever you want to make changes
  • Content support so if you want to make changes to your site but don’t have the time then we will do it for you
  • Server Monitoring to check for any malicious activity
  • Daily Backups of your full site in case anything happens and you need to restore
  • SSL Certificates renewed regularly to keep your site safe
  • Security Pack installed to protect against hackers
  • Server Maintenance to keep hosting secure
  • Software Updates to keep your website running
  • License Renewals to make sure your features still work
everything you need, without paying the earth

Small Business

A completely bespoke website offering designed specifically to be affordable for small businesses and startups. We provide full design and launch of a site and then support you ongoing once it is live, all from just £45 per month!

Bespoke Development

We develop high end solutions for larger clients, utilising the best open source platforms. But our approach is different, its lean and agile. We sell time rather than scope, putting you in charge and making development far more affordable.

App Development

Our Mobile Apps Development Services are customised according to your needs, because by their nature mobile apps are unique, bespoke and provide specific experiences and functionality for your customers.

Websites for Financial Advisers

We’ve been working with Independent Financial Advisers for over fifteen years and now we run the largest portfolio of IFA websites in the UK.

  • FCA compliant content to choose from
  • GDPR compliant forms and policies
  • Annual health checks to keep your site compliant
  • ‘All you can eat’ support for all the changes you need, free of charge


Enable your customers with curated experiences designed to work specifically for them on their mobile device.


Enable your customers with curated experiences designed to work specifically for them on their mobile device.


Enable your customers with curated experiences designed to work specifically for them on their mobile device.

Shared / centralised

Franchise, regional or multi-sites? We specialise in syndicating content so that you can talk to all your customers consistently.

Why do you need all these things on your website?

Having a website is not just about building it, there is a lot involved in keeping it running securely and making sure you have everything in place for it to remain online and current. There are a lot of things that can go wrong and getting them fixed after they occur can be a nightmare. That is why we provide a fully managed service to you, so that you don’t need to worry about it.

Cloud Hosting

Hosting in the cloud means that the site is hosted on multiple servers around the world, reducing the chance of a hardware failure causing it to go offline.

WordPress and CPanel

WordPress is the most used content management system in the world and allows you to login and edit content whenever you want. CPanel is the server management software so you have a dedicated area of the server just for you.

Content Support

We understand that you might not have the time or skills to update your site, which is why we provide support to make any changes so you don’t have to.

Server Monitoring

Hacking is one of the biggest risks to sites today. If your site gets hacked it can be expensive to undo the damage. This is why we install software to monitor the activity on your site and to block any suspicious behaviour.

License Renewals

We use a collection of really powerful plugins in order to give you the best editing and the most flexible design and functionality for your website. But these come at a cost. We renew these automatically and at no cost to you. Without this the site would stop working.

Daily Backups

We take daily backups of the entire build, so that if the worst happens and your site is ruined we can restore to easily and quickly to the last working version.

SSL Certificate

This makes your site secure by making sure all the data is transferred from the server to your browser securely. It means your site is less likely to be hacked. But it is also important because search engines like Google penalise sites without an SSL!

Security Pack

We install additional security settings on your site to make sure it is well protected against any type of attack and to tighten up against any known vulnerabilities with the platform. This prevents hacking.

Server Maintenance & Software Updates

Our hosting is kept up to date with all the latest security packs and software versions, so that the server is not vulnerable to attacks. Similarly, we will update the plugins and software on your website setup so that all the latest security fixes are in place.